Apply to Open a Credit Account

Please email a copy of insurance to [email protected]

Limited Companies Only

Sole Traders / Partnerships Only

Names & Addresses of proprietor / all partners

People Authorised to Place Orders

People Authorised to Make Payment

Trade References

(Not Builders Merchants)
In processing your application for credit facilities we may make enquiries of credit reference agencies and other third parties who may record those enquiries. We may also disclose information about the conduct of your account to credit reference agencies and other third parties. The information obtained from or provided to credit reference agencies or other third parties may be used when assessing further applications for credit facilities or debt collection, for tracing and for fraud prevention. I, the undersigned thereby confirm that if credit facilities are approved the account will be paid as per your normal monthly terms and I personally guarantee severally, to indemnify you for any amount outstanding from time to time on the said account, in the event of non-payment by the company, in whose name such credit is hereby sought. I also agree personally and on behalf of the company, to pay interest at the rate of 8% above base rate per annum on any amounts outstanding for more than 30 days. Also by signing below you are agreeing to accept our terms and conditions, which all hire transactions will be under (C.P.A Model Conditions 2011).

Must be signed by a Director, Partner or Proprietor of the business